5 Popular Massages Offered in Bangkok

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Bangkok is home to thousands of massage parlors and spas where you can just unwind and relax. It is one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia, and millions of people visit the city because they want to experience the famous Thai hospitality and just want to relax for a while. There are many popular massages that you can get in Bangkok, and if you have had a tiring few days, Bangkok is just the place to head to. From the massive hotels and spas located right on Sukhumvit to the more locally known places that you may not have heard of, there’s plenty on offer in Bangkok. Here are five of the most popular massages that you can get in Bangkok.

  1. Foot Massage

Have you been shopping all day? From the malls in Siam to the vast floors of MBK, there’s no shortage of places to shop around in Bangkok. However, after all this walking, you are probably going to be quite tired. If you want a hard rub on your feet, you should head out to one of the many foot massage parlors in Bangkok. These foot massages are an excellent idea. Not only will you feel considerably more relaxed, but these massages don’t even involve a lot of tickling, so it’s ideal for people who haven’t had massages before. If you want to start with a good massage in Bangkok, this is a great idea.

  1. Head, Neck and Shoulders

Have you been feeling a lot of pain in your head or your shoulders? Going for a head, neck and shoulder massage is the perfect way to unwind and make your body become more relaxed. Head, neck and shoulders massages are available as standalone massages, or you can choose them as an extension of other services. The prices are usually under 300 THB, and it’s a fantastic choice for people who just want to get the blood flowing through their body.

  1. Traditional Thai Massage

Do you want to experience the local Thai traditional massage? It’s available at plenty of local massage parlors, and it is an excellent way to unwind after a tiring day. The massage is also known to treat various medical conditions as well. But, you should know that it involves a lot of pushing and pulling, so a considerable amount of physical effort will be involved as well.

  1. Herbal Compress Massage

In this kind of massage, the masseuse usually makes use of a hot herbal compress to heal the pain at a particular point in the body. If your back has been hurting more than usual or if any part of your body is causing excessive pain, going for an herbal compress massage is a great idea.

  1. Oil Massages

The famed oil massages of Thailand are designed to relax your body from top to bottom and make you feel rejuvenated. Had a rough week? Go for a massage, and you will feel as good as new.