Enjoy Guided Private Tours to Chernobyl

Enjoy Guided Private Tours to Chernobyl


The current Chernobyl is the inadvertent outcome of the explosions that left Ukraine’s biggest nuclear power plant in ashes in 1986. It’s the most frequented tourist destination in Kiev that has remained a mystery to many for years. Chernobyl isn’t completely safe yet so there are strict rules concerning drinking, touching, and eating anything inside this city.  The rules dictate that only tour groups are allowed to access certain if not all parts of Chernobyl. That simply means a Chernobyl private tour may not be possible if you don’t have a professional tour guide.

Are Private Tours to Chernobyl Possible?

A private tour to Chernobyl can prove the most lucrative way to explore your most desired and mysterious areas in the exclusion zone. The tour arrangements are flexible while the permits are organized on time to make your tours a breeze.

Where Chernobyl Private Tours Take You?

Your customized Chernobyl private tour will bring about tons of incredible memories. StalkerWay is going to make your exploration a remarkable one with exclusive access to places you never thought you could visit.  Your tour will be managed by professional guides while your photographing needs will be properly taken care of by qualified photographers.

Chernobyl private tour

These are the main places our professional guides will take you.

  1. The Exclusion Zone

The Exclusion zone remains the most mysterious and contaminated zone of all the villages.  The explosion made this zone dangerous for human inhabitance. The current state of the zone isn’t very dangerous as it accommodates over 400 people. Your private tour package with StalkerWay will allow you to tour all parts of the Exclusion zone from Kiev to Chernobyl.

  1. Pripyat

The Pripyat was the nuclear plant’s closest zone. It was a place full of young people full of life but the explosion left it lifeless and unlivable.  It’s the main place where the station works lived so the explosion affected it most.

After the explosion, people around this place had to vacate on an immediate basis and all the school and kindergartens kids had to be salvaged. It’s quite surprising the lively and ever-active Pripyat city in the early 1980s is now home for animals. When you book a private tour to Chernobyl with StalkerWay, this is one of the best places that will add flavor to your tour.


This is one great place those who book a Chernobyl private tour gets to visit.  Also known as OTH-SW Duga, Chernobyl-2 was the largest construction ever made in the Soviet Union. It’s the most mysterious place around the world. It consumed about 30 electricity megawatts. Back then, it was a top-secret building. Today, it’s one of the dark tourist attraction sites that everyone yearns to visit.


Group tours are fun and impressive as they get you to interact with new faces. They help find and make new friends. Sadly, group Chernobyl tours aren’t perfect for quality and impressive tour experiences. They don’t take your personal needs and preferences into consideration. Consider booking your private tours to Chernobyl with the best professional tour operators like StalkerWay.