Rent out Your Timeshare With Resort Vacation International Now



Resort Vacation International (RVI) is my go-to site for timeshare sales. First, they got a very user-friendly website which accommodates all kinds of users including novices. The information availed is detailed and sufficient for all travelers looking into the timeshares industry. Besides, they got links to a variety of assets not just condominiums and resorts such as Resort vacation parks, houseboats, campgrounds, and even private jets.

Customer Service

Their customer service is also high touch and leaves much to be desired. Once you share your rent-out timeshare ad with them, they reach out to you promptly. They help you go through your ad listing, confirming tiny details such as location, price listing, and your preferred client base. From the onset, they give you a sense of control in choosing whom you would want to share your room or house with. They are also swift in making and updating any changes whenever the client requests. Their top-notch customer service package also includes follow up calls on your experience with the found guest.


Swift Delivery

They are also defined my speed and dedication in sorting out your ad requests. At a time when the timeshare market is flooded by so many requests with scammers wading in too, it can be a daunting task trying to find a perfect timeshare partner on time. But, with Resort vacation international, you have nothing to fret about, because they are truly the next generation in vacation property marketing. Through their exemplary marketing strategies, you are bound to get a number of offers through RVI.

Skilled Team

Their team is composed of skilled property and hospitality experts who have experience in both the domestic and international market. Resort vacation International is an international brand with a global presence thus their understanding of timeshares s from a global perspective. In-depth knowledge on vacation property also provides a solid background from which the team can conduct negotiations on fair prices and advise their clients looking for timeshares appropriately.


In an age where online transactions are highly susceptible to cyber scammers, Resort Vacation International is very keen on the security of their clients. Their customers are mandated to sign a marketing agreement which contains the details of the clients and location of the property. The agreement also gets rid of the scammers who are not ready to officially commit and give assurance to the customers that in within 60-90 days they will have received an offer on their listing. Their target client base is just individuals and couples who own property, thus eliminating other parties masquerading as property owners that could easily deceive potential customers.

Active Timeshare Marketplace

With a massive following on social media and a stamped presence on their website resulting to high number of site visits, is the arguably one of the world’s most active marketplace for rental and purchase of timeshare products. Reach out to the now for help in selling your vacation ownership, purchasing a timeshare, or booking a rental for your next vacation. They are physically located in Orlando, Colonial Dr, Suite 111.