best travel tripods under 100

Things to Consider When Shopping For the Best Travel Tripod


If you love photography then you would need a tripod. There are a lot of to choose from ranging from 6 pound behemoths made of wood to Carbon fibre tripods that are light weight. Nowadays there are lots of brands from tripod that are available at cheaper options. These are functional as well as decent in features and photographers love them. Shooting style is the most important thing to choose while buying a tripod. There are many options for best travel tripods under 100. Whether you love aluminum or carbon fiber material, flip locks or any other features you must read on to choose easily.

best travel tripods under 100

Things to consider in best travel tripods under 100:

  1. Aluminum vs Carbon fiber: fiber is lighter as compared to aluminum. Although technology has reduced this gap, carbon fiber is more stable and much vibration resistant too. It is much more preferred than aluminum ones.
  2. Twist lock vs flip lock: flip lock is considered much more better than twist ones as it is faster to set it up. But these flip locks need more engineering to be mounted on Carbon fiber tripods that come below $100.
  3. Height and folding size: if you want to shoot at eye level and have a good height then height is an important factor to consider. Short and compact tripod can lead to back ache.
  4. Weight and load capacity: if the tripod is heavy then it can carry more. It is according to simple physics law. The choice depends upon the gear that you will use and shoot with. Usually good lenses do not have weight more than 4 lbs and that can suit different shooting styles too. It is good to use lighter tripods. If you have a different need then you can choose the one with the minimum weight.
  5. Ergonomics: the design of the tripod is another major thing to use. You must consider whether it is cumbersome to use tripod. If the tripod has a flimsy design then it will spoil the fun of photography and you can miss a perfect shot. Tripods with padded handles are always preferred especially on cold days.

If you are tight on a budget then K&F concept 62 inches and Mactrem 62.5 are the best aluminum tripod that are worth the money. Both of them can extend to a height of 62 inches and it is tall enough for most of the photographers. They are also light weight i.e. around 3 lbs and have a ball head too. It is having flip lock design which is quite good to work with. If you love Carbon fiber then you should consider buying Davis and Sanford 53 inches or the Amazon Basics 52 inches tripod.