Disney Park

Things to Pack in your Backpack: A Disneyland Travel Guide


Disneyland is popular in children and people young at hearts.

Everyone will go crazier and excited when they heard that they’ll be having a trip to Disneyland. But before deciding the date of your flight, you must be prepared first. Traveling requires you to bring certain things that you’ll be needing in the trip.

So to help you with this problem, this article is a guide about Disney packing list you’ll need in your fun-filled packed adventurous trip. Disneyland is an open theme park where other areas are not covered, so sometimes it’s hot during the day and much colder at night. You’ll be needing some gears and certain clothes to protect your skin from the blazing sun.

There are things you should need to consider when planning a trip, not only in Disneyland but other trips as well. But preparing things doesn’t mean you need to bring all of your things inside your backpack. And of course, you don’t want to bring large luggage during your trip, right?


What to Pack inside your Backpack

To help you with the packing list, this article listed some important things you should pack inside your backpack.

1. Good Quality Bag – pick a bag or a backpack that can fit everything you plan to bring inside the park. This bag should be comfortable enough for you to carry and has an extra room for other things you plan to buy inside.

2. Reusable Plastic Water Bottle – not bringing refillable water inside the park will cause you a lot. Save your extra money for buying souvenirs instead of buying water. Plus, a refillable plastic bottle can save you throughout the day, since it’s hot during the day thirst is your enemy, so bringing water with you can keep you cool the whole day.

3. Sunblock and Sunglasses – Disneyland is an open-themed park, some areas are open and not covered. To protect your skin from the glaring rays of the sun, you should bring a sunblock with an SPF 50 and higher. Don’t forget to bring sunglasses, this will protect your eyes from the harmful ray of sun.

4. Mobile Phone and Power Banks – don’t miss out the fun, bring your mobile phones and take a pic all over the park. But overusing your phone can drain your battery, so don’t forget to bring power banks.

5. Cash or Credit Cards – you’ll need this to buy some stuff and foods inside the park.

6. Change of Clothes – this is important if you have kids with you, they’re sweat easily so bringing a spare one would be a good idea to keep them fresh and clean.

7. Cooling Towel and Chilly Pad – this can save you from sweat and it’ll help you to cool down and keep you dry at the same time.

The following Disney packing list I listed above can help you to have a smooth journey during the whole trip. Following the list can save you from possible mishaps and unexpected incidents. So what are you waiting for? Start booking a flight, make a hotel reservation and start packing your things. Have fun!