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This is how you choose a good restaurant the next time you visit one


When it comes to judging a restaurant’s quality of its service, there are a lot of crucial aspects that will determine its rating because you do not just settle to judge its food alone, you have to look at the cleanliness, the ambiance, and the customer service of its crew which is why if you are very picky in dining in a restaurant, then you know the parameters of telling how good a restaurant is.

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As everyone knows, restaurants are a great venue for you to enjoy not just good food, but also a place where you can unwind, relax, and be with your loved ones, but that can be ruined if you landed in an incompetent restaurant that settles less, so to help you in determining if a restaurant is ideal to dine in or not, here are some telltale signs that you can follow courtesy of bar central.

  • Clean restrooms- It is easy to judge if a restaurant is managed properly or not by how its bathroom looks like. Regardless of how great the food served in that restaurant, if its bathroom is utterly dirty as well as its entire kitchen, then you should take a step back and look for another because you cannot compromise your health over taste.
  • Hospitable waiter and waitress- Not just hospitable, but also courteous. You can tell if the restaurant is hospitable to its diners or not by stepping inside the door first hand by how the waiter and waitresses greet you and welcome you, and ultimately how they serve you the entire duration of your stay there. The restaurant is part of the hospitality industry which means that the people working under this industry should be taught about hospitality, courteousness, and politeness which will surely create an impact on the customer.
  • Good menu- You visit a restaurant for one reason, and that is to eat good food. One way to find out if the restaurant is good or not is how many customers are there during you’re the time that you dined there. The food should be delicious regardless if it is oriental, Japanese, Western, or other types of dishes. You can easily distinguish if the restaurant serves good food by how busy the customers are at eating and not talking just like in ifc bar.
  • Great customer service- One of the best ways for a customer to experience dining in a restaurant is that the crew’s hospitality and how the crew treats you. It is not just about how you treat your customers, but how a restaurant accommodates their request by altering the ingredients in the menu for health reasons especially if one of the ingredients of the food item ordered by the customer has something that he or she is allergic into.
  • Considerable amount of time in serving the food- Fine dining restaurants serve its food according to the course, but there are restaurants that serve all the food all at once, but that does not mean it will take an hour or two until you are already passed of your hunger. Make sure that the restaurant serves the food in a considerable amount of time, not too short, and not too long to wait.