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The destination, the 2nd hotel selection criterion just after the price


Among the essential criteria for choosing a hotel, at the top of the ranking is the criterion of the destination. Thus, to sell well its hotel is worth to valorize its localization as well as the tourist and leisure offer nearby. Geolike is a module designed to meet the expectations of visitors to your website on this topic but also to boost your conversion rate.

68% of Internet users choose their hotel according to the destination

Choosing a hotel is very often first to opt ​​for a destination. After the price criterion, the criterion of destination is the one that influences the choice of an establishment the most. It is therefore essential to not only sell your hotel but also sell your destination. The destination passes even in front of online reviews!

Sharing with visitors to your website your tips and your knowledge of the points of interest around your establishment is the insurance to seduce them, and a major argument to convince them to book on your site.

With this module that adapts to all types of websites, you can present in a user-friendly and efficient way all the existing wealth around your hotel. To save you time, we offer a pre-filled point of interest database that you can customize as you wish (several thousand tourist information sheets). Of course, you can manually add your information.

Room Size :

 Generally, there is approximately 10 sq. Ft. Per person for a sit-down meal, with 60-inch round tables of eight people. A 3000 sq. Ft. Room should be able to accommodate 300 people. But beware! Remember that you will need a dance floor, a lounge area, a photo booth or a stage for your band. Keep in mind what will be in the room and do not just rely on numbers …

motel hong kong

Cocktail area : 

Is there  a fireplace,  lkf hotel a terrace or a garden for the cocktail? Is the place covered, heated? If no, is there a plan B if the weather is bad on your wedding day? More importantly: are there any additional charges for this 2nd space?

Parking :

 Is parking shared or will you have exclusivity?  motel hong kong How many places does it have? Is it paid or included? If there is none, perhaps you will need to consider a shuttle or valet service.

Hours of access to the room : 

Not only for installation on the day of the wedding but also disassembly. Some places will allow you to come back the next day, others will force you to restore the places in the state before leaving. This is information that you will need to mention to your suppliers, as night dismantling fees may apply.