Pasta Singapore

Where to get the best Pasta Singapore?


Unless you are in Italy, finding any authentic Italian dish can be a very tiring task. You can find pasta Singapore everywhere but getting that authentic flavour that you have been craving for is very tough and almost impossible. So, to help you in your search, let’s talk about the critical elements of Pasta and what should you be looking for when dining for Italian food in Singapore?

Elements that make Pasta authentic

The taste or authenticity of Pasta can be tied to its ingredients and method of preparation. Pasta is a dish made of wheat that is usually cooked with water and eggs and is formed into various shapes. It is one of the staple foods of Italian cuisines. Pasta can be divided into two types:

  1. Dried Pasta- These types are generally produced commercially by a process called extrusion.
  2. Fresh Pasta- These types are usually handmade or with the use of simple machines.

Both of these kinds of Pasta are used in the preparation of three types of dishes, namely:

  1. Pasta asciutta: It is a cooked form of Pasta that is served with a complimentary side sauce to the side.
  2. Pasta in brood: It is a soup-form of Pasta.
  3. Pasta al Forno- This dish is an oven-baked form of Pasta.

According to Italian Pasta lovers, which makes their form of Pasta authentic is the sauce preparation.

Pasta Singapore

Where to find authentic Pasta Singapore?

To find the best authentic Italian places in Singapore you can visit Restaurant sites that have top Italian places in their listing. After going through the menu and customer reviews, you can make up your mind about which area to give a shot. Some restaurants give you the option to prepare your pasta recipes too.

If you want the real taste of Pasta, then it’s best to go for restaurants that have fresh Pasta in their menu instead of dried ones. Because they are freshly prepared by hand, they provide much better texture and flavour as compared to dried Pasta. Also, the more choices of sauces and Pasta a place offers the better.

Some places also provide excellent guidance with their excellent waiters and guide booklets to help you pair up your favourite Pasta with new sauces to create new combos that might become your new go-to choice in the future.

So, if you are looking for the best Pasta Singapore then search for the above cues to find the most authentic Italian food outside Italy. Also, rate the place you visit to help others looking for the same benefit from your experience.